Non-parameterized Numerical Analysis Using the Distinct Lattice Spring Model by Implementing the Dun

Gao‑Feng Zhao   · Xin‑Dong Wei · Feng Liu · Wei‑Bao Liu

Parameter selection is always a critical issue for the numerical modeling of many geotechnical problems. In this work, an idea of non-parameterized numerical analysis is demonstrated by incorporating tri-axial data as the input into the distinct lattice spring model (DLSM). An automatic parameter acquisition procedure is developed to determine the parameters of a modifed Duncan–Chang (DC) model which is implemented in the DLSM through the further development of an incremental DLSM and a fabric stress calculation scheme. These newly developed algorithms are verifed against available numerical results and experimental counterparts. Then, the discrete feature of the DC-DLSM is explored and discussed through the numerical modeling of large-scale tri-axial tests and a fracturing test. Finally, a real rockfll dam project is analyzed by using the DC-DLSM with the available tri-axial data as the input, and a reasonable ftting is obtained, which shows the possibility for the numerical modeling of the DLSM with no parameter selection burden.

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